"Sugar, you've given this world a star. A star of hope that'll one day lead home." ~ Marie

Artificial Rosen-bridge Contrivance or ARC refers to the gateway used by Guardians to journey to worlds beyond Asphodel. First conceived by Erland and built by Marie, the ARC is a worm-hole generator capable of opening gateways that lead to multiple worlds/dimensions.

About[edit | edit source]

Described by many as a silver starlight, growing to the size of a four foot by seven foot doorway, down to a single pin point in space, the ARC is the only know way of journeying between worlds.

Upon discovery of the Soul of the Cosmos hidden away within the caverns of Asphodel's Alpha District, Erland began development of the ARC alongside engineer, Marie Fincher, with the plan of using the Soul's power to "cut the fabric of worlds" and create a gateway to other worlds/dimensions. After many trials and failures, Erland and Marie managed to achieve their goal, creating the first prototype ARC in an old brick storage warehouse among Asphodel's Alpha District.

Not long after the ARC's creation, a near fatal incident and flaw in the ARC's security led to the creation of the second ARC's more permanent home at the lowest foundation of Erland's primary residence at the Guardian home, built over the same caverns which housed the Soul of the Cosmos.

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