"Welcome to Asphodel, kiddo. A world between worlds where time and space are broken." ~ Otto
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An illustration of Sem and Ally standing along one of Asphodel's many bridges.

Asphodel (As-fo-dell), commonly referred to as "The World Between Worlds," is a universe or world in the Sem and Ally Adventure series which rests between the gaps of all other worlds. Known for it's vast number of floating sky islands, connected by bridges, Asphodel is inhabited by both lost travelers and people of common birth. Named by it's earliest residents after the Greek mythological layer of the Underworld, Asphodel is regarded by some as a limbo or purgatory for it's cruel yet beautiful nature, depriving those who wish to return to their home worlds while offering an escape for those who wished nothing more than for the chance to start a new life.

Origin Edit

Once a stable world of it's own, Asphodel came into being through the same means as all other worlds destroyed by the traveler phenomenon, resulting in its own destruction. Unlike most worlds which pass into the Cosmic Depths however, Asphodel clung onto its existence thanks to the mystery surrounding the Soul of the Cosmos, allowing it to become a safe haven for lost travelers and those saved by Guardians.[1]

History Edit

After several unknown years without any form of human life, Asphodel finally found it's first residents following the events of the Mass Destruction, leaving the first settlers stranded together on the Alpha Island. Forced to survive with little resources, the first settlers began life in Asphodel living in wood and mud huts, hunting both birds and other animals found on the island and gathering food. As time went on, the future generations of the first settlers came to establish the Alpha District, with the intention of branching out to the other nearby islands and explore the unknown world they had found themselves stranded in. Following the construction of the bridges, more groups of lost travelers where found surviving by similar means on the surrounding islands, leading to the construction of the Capital on Capital Island with the purpose of maintaining order and peace in Asphodel.

With the discovery of the Soul of the Cosmos and creation of the First ARC by Asphodel's first Guardian's, Erland and Marie, Asphodel's mix of cultures and historical backgrounds flourished, bringing about what would become known in later years as the Enlightenment Age.[1]

Islands Edit

There are seventeen (eighteen including Capital Island) islands which are inhabited by people living in the world of Asphodel:[1]

  • Alpha Island
  • Capital Island
  • The Perish District
  • Byzantine Islands
  • The Mediterranean
  • Americana
  • Africansa
  • Asia and Asiana Islands
  • The Germanic Empire
  • The Tika Kish
  • The Propelago
  • The Russian Isle
  • The Ottoman State
  • The Hephthalite
  • The Danisk Kingdom
  • The Hispanita
  • The Nordianic Cluster
  • The Indigo District

The Near Destruction of Alpha Island Edit


References Edit

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