"A graveyard. You can't stay long. The longer you stay here, the more you'll forget, and be forgotten." ~ Erland
The Comic Depth is the final resting place of all destroyed worlds, serving as a grave yard for those who have fallen victim to the traveler phenomenon but were never saved. A dark a dreary world dipped in shadow, desperately clinging to light.[1]

John Martin - The Great Day of His Wrath - Google Art Project

John Martin's Great Day of His Wrath which inspired the deceptions of the Cosmic Depth.


As Asphodel was once named by its first residents as a purgatory, resembling the middle ground of the Greek Underworld serving as neither a heaven, nor hell, than the Cosmic Depth would undoubtedly have been called Tartarus had the first settlers known of its existence. The Cosmic Depth is a place of forgetfulness and emptiness. As the worlds which were destroyed slowly begin to fade from existence within this endless grave yard, so to do those who find themselves trapped in its cold clutches. Each destroyed world and individual who finds themselves in the Cosmic Depth are slowly erased from time, both forwards and backwards like a two ends of the same thread unraveling at both ends of a tapestry. But there is one saving grace for those who find themselves in this unholy world; love. For the same way a broken heart fuels the Soul of the Cosmos across worlds, so too can one give hope to someone lost to its endless abyss.[1]

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