"I wear that only when I have to. Worlds torn apart by war put off more energy than other, which means more danger. And on those trips, I focus more on staying alive and finding who I'm searching for over blending in." ~ Sem


Sem and Aria wearing their first generation armor during a high speed chase in a future world.

The Guardian Armor is a suit specially designed by Sem and Ally's friend Merek to protect Guardians from the dangers of hostile worlds. Only used when certain worlds impacted by the traveler phenomenon, the Guardian armor serves only as protection from gunfire and explosive shrapnel, offering only minor protection for the wearer. Although strange and out of place in its appearance, the Guardian Armor was never designed with the intention of blending in, as most worlds commonly effected by war expelling high amounts of often date from the 19th century onward.


Armor Design Turnaround white by kyllian-guillart

Second Generation Design by Kyllian Guillart

Strange and striking in its appearance, the guardian armor is known for turning more heads than one would like. A solid weave of carbon fiber mesh, reinforced by steel plating, the guardian armor is both sturdy and lightweight in its design. Crafted with help from Erland, its design over the years has transformed into a merging of common steel medieval armor from the twelfth century and future designs of the twenty-first and twenty second century. While Sem's armor is more commonly described in the series for it's blue plating and orange colored visor, Aria and Ally's armor shares a similar design and look only red plating and blue visor.

Fun Facts

  • The Guardian Armor was originally illustrated before Sem and Ally
  • Sem and Ally's armor sets helped spark the concept for the series as two time travelers forced to protect their own lives from a hostile war torn world of the future
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