Sem preforming his duty as a Guardian as he rescues an unconscious Ally from an unknown world. Artwork by Ekaterinya Vladinakova.

Guardians or Guardian is an individual or individuals whom have taken on the duty of finding and rescuing people who have fallen victim to the traveler phenomenon, leaving them lost among worlds in the wrong place and time. The four most famous individuals who share this title are Sem Vaitious, Ally Claude, Aria Vincent, and Erland Arimaya.[1]

History Edit

The title of guardian was first created by Erland Arimaya upon his discovery of the One Way Ticket equation while living in the world of Asphodel, fearing he would never find a solution to the Point of Reference Problem. His first students were Sem Viatious and Aria Vincent.[1]

List of Guardians Edit

References Edit

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